Prof. Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins during their HAY FESTIVAL 2015 lecture on MEMORY & MENTAL TIME TRAVEL

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton Hay Festival


THE MOUSTACHIO QUARTET~ Now available through Paypal

Clive WILKINS WIND on the WIREFollow the live link below

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Gallops at Yallops~ Sensational Collage from Fuchsia//Futura

Fuchsia Wilkins

A sensational exhibition of collage. Deep, penetrating and insightful~ an exploration of the delightful and  the inexplicable~ the kind of wonder that makes the world go round. Fuchsia/Futura’s exhibition is a success in no uncertain terms.

Fuchsia Wilkins

Fuchsia WilkinsFuchsia// Futura~ Star of Mystery

Fuchsia Wilkins2

Fuchsia Wilkins3

Fuchsia Wilkins1