The Captured Thought lectures at the University of Santa Barbara California U.S.A.

Clive and Prof. Nicky Clayton of Cambridge University UK recently visited the SAGE Center at UCSB to deliver a series of lectures concerning arts/science collaborations and to discuss aspects of memory, perception and cognition with senior academics and research fellows at Santa Barbara University.



Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins



Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins 3

Franz Von Stuck 1863 –1928~ Medusa

Can images describe states of mind? The symbolist painters were particularly good at taking the imaginative observer to places that question the essence of consciousness and reality. This  may only be the process of ‘myth making’ within our species~ nevertheless such conjecture has the potential to shed light, providing an accentuated and extended hypothesis of what lies at the back of our processes for thinking, and our humanity. Such activity brings us closer to an analysis of the underlying and often invisible mechanisms that operate in both the metaphysical and physical worlds.Franz Von Stuck